How can a parent pay their account by credit card?

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Important Note:

  • This service needs to have been set up for your centre, please contact the helpdesk on

  • The billpayer must have a log in to the "Parent Portal" for your service and have a statement emailed to them


1.  When the bill payer opens their emailed statement, they click on the link highlighted in yellow



2.  The billpayer then needs to log on to their parent portal account, they will be taken directly to the child's account screen to review the transaction


3.  When they want to make a payment, they click on "Make Payment"


4.  They will be required to enter the amount they would like to pay and then click "Continue"



5.  They will be taken to another screen to enter their credit card credentials and then click "Submit"


6.  Once the payment has been accepted and they click "Next", they will be returned to the child's transaction screen with the accepted payment showing