How do I add a child to a sign in sheet if the child is doing an extra day?

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Important Notes:

  • If the child is eligible for 20 hours ECE, you must first create a new timetable with the enrolled times and 20 hours ECE for that day.  See the module "How do I change or modify a child's enrolled times?"

  • If this is a one-off change of enrolment, create another timetable effecti when the enrolment returns to normal

  • The parent/caregiver must sign all attestations


1.     Go to the "Sign in Selection" screen by either selecting it from your "Favourites" menu or go to "Reports" in the menu bar, "Child Reports" and "Sign in Sheet"


2.      Select the "Date" and the "Category" and then click "Modify"


A list of all the children together with their booked and attended times will be displayed


3.      Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the child's name in the drop down box


4.      Click "Add child"



5.      Enter/update "Booked" time fields, "Attended" time fields and update "Funding" if required



6.      Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Update"