How do I correct a transaction I have previous committed ?

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1.  Go to the "Accounts Processing" screen either by selecting it from your "Favourties" menu or go to the "Billing" link in the menu bar and click on "Accounts Processing"


2.  Select the category the child is in and click "Search"


3.  Click on the "Reversals" radio button ensuring the text is in red and click "View"


A list of the child's transactions will be displayed



4.  Update the "From" and "Until" dates for the period the transaction that you want to correct was committed


5.   Beside the transaction you want to reverse, enter the reason in the "Comments" field if required and put a tick in the "Reverse" column


6.  Click "Commit" to reverse the transactions selected


Reversed transactions are saved in the system and are highlighted in yellow but do not show on bill payer's statements