How do I create a general note?

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1.  Go to the "Utilites" link in the menu bar and select "Notes Facility"


2.  Select the "General Notes" radio button


3. Click "Add Note"


4.  Select the "Topic" or create a new one in the "Enter topic" field


5.  Enter the "Subject" (free text field)


6.  Select any of the additional options for the note from "My eyes only" (a private note that only your username and password can view or modify), "Show parent" (if you subcribe to the Parent Portal function) or if you want an email notification sent (if you subscribe to the Parent Portal function)


7.  Enter the message text


If you would like to attach a file saved to your computer, click "Attach file" and follow the instructions


If you would like to set a reminder about this note for a later date, Click "Set reminder" and follow the instructions



8.  Click "Update"