How do I enrol a new child when I know the starting date and the enrolled times for the child? 

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1.  Go to the "Child Selection" screen by clicking on the "Children" link in the menu bar 





2.  Click “Add”


3.   Enter information into all Infocare fields including both required and optional fields


4.   Ensure you select the "Attendance Type" as "Regular Enrolment - child booked and attending on a regular ongoing basis"




5.   When you have entered in all of the child's information, click "Update"


6.   When the "Timetable Update" screen displays, ensure the "Effective Date" is the child's starting date


7.  Update the "Funding Type" and "Fee Structure" if required


8.   Load any discounts if applicable


9.   If the child is to be exempt from the Ministry's absence rules and you have the necessary paperwork, put a tick in the "Special needs (EC12/13)" box


10.Enter the child's "Enrolled Times" by selecting the hours in the appropriate drop down boxes or select the "Session" if it is preset in the "License Update" screen


11.If the child is eligable to received 20 hours ECE funding, complete the following fields when applicable 

  1. Child to receive funding at an optimum basis: put a tick in the "Claim optimum 20 hours ECE" box

  2. Child is receiving 20 hours ECE from another provider: put a tick in the "Getting 20 hours ECE elsewhere" box

  3. Select the number of hours to be claimed each day in the "20 Hrs ECE" row below the days of the week



12.Once you have entered all of the child's timetable information, click "Update"


13.When the "Account Update" screen displays, select the bill payer's relationship to the child in the "Invoice Whom" field


14.Select any of the "Finance Types" if applicable and then click "Update"



15.When the "Contact Information" screen displays:

  1. If the child is a sibling of another child, select the child's name in the "Same contacts as" field and click "Same as" to copy the contacts to this child

  2. If this child is not a sibling, click "Add"

16.Enter in the information for the child's contact

  1. If the contact lives at the same address as the child, select "Child" in the "Same address as" field or type in their address

  2. If using the text messaging function in Infocare, enter the mobile number replacing the '0' with '+64'


17.Update the "Authorisations" and "Access Details"


18.Click "Update"


19.Click "Add" to enter more contacts, or click "Continue"


20.When back in the "Child Selection" screen, select the "Category" the child is in and click "Search"


21.Select the child's name and click "Timetable"


22.Click "Print" to print a "Confirmation of Enrolment" or "Confirmation of Enrolment & 20 Hours ECE Attestation Form" and send it  to your printer


23.Click on the back arrow of your internet browser to return to the previous screen