How do I enter payments from parents ?

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1.     Go to the "Accounts Processing" screen either by selecting it from your "Favourties" menu or go to the "Billing" link in the menu bar and click on "Accounts Processing"


2.     Select the category of the child and click "Search"


3.     Select the child's name who a payment has been made for and click on the "Receipts" radio button so it is highlighted in red



4.     Click "Create"


5.     Enter any "Comments" you would like displayed on the statement


6.     Enter the date the payment was paid in the "Payment Date" field


7.     Enter the amount of the payment in the "Payment Amount" field


8.     Select the "Payment Method" and then click "Update"


Repeat this process for all payments you want to process at this time - each payment will be save to the "Uncommitted Items" list


9.     When you have completed entering in all of the payments, click "View" under the "Uncommitted Items" heading


10.     You can either click "Commit" below each payment method or click "Previous" and click "Commit All"