How do I print a report of who owes money and how much ?

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1.  Go to the "Reports" link in the menu bar, go to "Financial Reports" and then select "Aged Analysis"



2.  Select the date you wish to view the balances up to.  If you invoice in advance, set this date to the date you have invoiced up to


3.  Select the "Sort Order" and the additional "Options" for examply "Children who've left"


4.  Click "Print" and a list of child that have balances owing will be displayed



5.  If you would like a copy printed, send the report to your printer


Children's names are highlighted in blue and are underlined - this is a hyperlink to take you to the transactions that make up that balance



6.  When back in the "Aged Debtos List" screen, click on the back arrow of your internet browser to return to the previous screen