How do I re-enrol a child who has left my centre and is returning?

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1.     Go to the "Child Selection" screen by clicking on the "Children Link" in the menu bar


2.      Select the "Category" as "Children who've left" and click "Search"


3.      Select the child's name from the drop down box and click "Child Returning"



4.      Enter the date the child is returning in the "Date Returning" field and click "Continue"


5.      Update the "Effective Date" of the timetable if required - you can enter dates as far in advance as you like


6.      Enter in the new timetable for this child referring to "How do I change or modify a child's enrolled times" module


7.      Click "Previous" to return to the "Child Selection" screen


8.      Change the "Category" to "Current Enrolments" and click "Search"


9.      Select the child's name and modify any details that have changed since the child was last at your centre for example their contacts, account information etc.