How do I submit the ECE return?

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Important Note:

  • You will receive notification from the Ministry of Education for the period of statistical data they require

  • Child and staff daily sign in sheets need to be marked before the ECE return is submitted


1.  Go to the "ECE Return" screen by going to the "Reports" link in the menu bar, going to "MoE Reports" and then selecting "ECE Return (census)"


2.  Review the information on screen in relation to the criteria you need to meet before starting the submission


3.  The "ECE REturn Week" date will be prepopulated



4.  Once you have read the information, made the necessary changes and are ready to proceed, click "Continue"


5.  Read the instructions for completing the next screen in relation to waiting list times for children secting the options relevant for your centre



6.  Once you have made the selections specific to your centre, click "Continue"


7.  Read the instructions for completing the next screen in relation to languges used in your centre



8.  Once you have entered in the information specific to your centre, click "Continue"


9.  The next screen that displays is about the staff that worked in your centre that week, their qualifications and contact times.  Work through each staff member completing the information required


All staff will be displayed.  Work through each staff member selecting the appropriate answers in the "Staff Data" screens


10.  Select the appropriate activities for this staff member for the week and then click "Continue"



11.  Update the information pertaining to that staff member for their particular rolls and then click "Continue"


To exclude a staff member from your centre statistics for that week, click on their name and ensure all of the fields in the "Staff Activity" section are blank and then click "Continue"



Work through all of the staff members listed and any that are in the "Central Pool"



12.Once completed for all staff members, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Continue"


13.Review the information in relation to staff contact hours and either click "Back" to make changes or click "Yes" to continue


14.Click "Print" if you would like a hard copy, otherwise the report can be viewed by going to the "Download Files" section under the "Utilities" menu


15.Click "Finish"